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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Roar for Autism 5k - Race and Event Recap

Running for Charity

I was approached in February to see if I would write a promotional post of the Kennedy Krieger Institutes ROAR for Autism 5k. I was honored and immediately agreed.  This led to the following post

I decided to do them one better and actually run the race with the whole family. I wanted to (Cliché warning)put my money where my mouth was.

So, this past weekend Tif, Boy, Middle, Little, and I headed out to Cockeysville to run what I thought would be a very small race. I was surprised when I got there to see that there were a lot of people (several hundred- best guess)there to run and support an excellent cause.

We signed up just minutes before the race started and walked to the starting line. I was touched to see how many people were wearing personalized shirts that reflected who they were running for.

Tif and I had run several half-marathons in the months leading up to this event so the idea of running a 5k with the family was a welcome change. We decided that she would run with Boy who would be the fastest of the kids and I would run with Little who would be the slowest.  Well, once we got going Little took off and caught up to Mommy (love that little firecracker).  So, the three of us ended up running together and the older kids ran ahead.

Little ran almost the entire first mile and was making friends with every group we passed. “Awwww…she is so cute” and “We just got passed by a toddler” were among the things I overheard. J

The course was a lot of fun. It started on the roads/paths of the park but eventually took us out through some really hilly fields. There were great views and it was just a nice relaxing run. I have to take my hat off to the volunteers who were fired up and yelling encouraging words to all of the runners.

Little ran probably 80% of the race and finished in 40 minutes (even after falling at one point on a slick downhill.) As soon as we crossed the finish line I scooped her up and carried her for a few minutes.
3.1 miles on 4 year old legs is incredible and I figured she deserved a free ride for a bit.

Boy and Middle were waiting for us and they were both excited that they beat their best times as well. It is awesome how great racing makes you feel after you are done and I was very proud of all of them.

We headed over and picked up some top-notch refreshments. (Panera French-Toast Bagels ROCK!) We sat around for a little while and talked about the race. Good times.

After that, I got the kids all some shaved ice and we walked around the family fun fair. Kennedy Krieger did an excellent job with this as well. There were activities all over the place and enough happening that you didn’t have to wait too long for anything.

We watched the Mascot Races which the kids got a kick out of. Many of the local mascots (Oriole Bird, Baltimore Raven, Loyola Greyhound, etc) had to run through an obstacle course in a series of heats. It was entertaining and I was so freaking happy to see the Greyhound beat that god-forsaken Raven! J

Long and short – we all got some exercise, supported a great cause and had an excellent morning. The ROAR for Autism 5k  far exceeded my expectations and the kids all said they would like to do it again next year. (which I am all for)


  1. Sounds like fun! I ran a 10k on Saturday. I was going to do it with my one year old in a jogging stroller. But it was raining & we bought the stroller used so I don't have the rain cover. Bummer.

    I'm hoping to start getting my four year old into running with me. We've done some short distances, but nothing near 3 miles. I'd love to hear "I just got passed by a toddler!" at a 5k.

    Thanks for the recap.

    1. Sorry for the late reply - I somehow missed this.

      We have a 3 mile loop around the house that we walk with the kids at least once a week and sometimes as much as 4 times. We often mix in some running too. Nonetheless, it helps because we told Little before each of our 5ks that it is only as long as our neighborhood walk...which she gets.

      Honestly - she is a firecracker and I think she is secretly hoping to beat her brother and sister!

      Thanks for the comment


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